Murfy’s flaw – Music bringing people closer together

Volume 15, Issue 2  | 
Published 18/11/2018

By Reema Doshi


I love singing and you would find me singing everywhere, even when I am at work in an office. I would be humming or singing out loud. I find this very relaxing and I sing also when I am happy. The entire band – Murfy’s flaw – can sing! Jozie is our base guitarist and she is also a song writer. Vicky is multi-talented and plays drums for us but can also play the keys and sings well, except she can sometimes get shy to do so (that’s what I think).

Nambari Tisa aka Nine is a song bird who I knew from university when he used to sing and rap, an excellent song writer just like Punky who has left the band, currently out of the country. Jojo plays the keys but can do some amazing opera style singing that amazes everyone. Mukasa is the newest member of the band who plays the rhythm guitar and bass guitar. We mostly play our own songs with 3 albums worth of songs we sing and perform and we call our style alternative rock.

Murfy’s flaw, I believe is what SAMOSA Festival is all about, cultural fusion through music and arts. Each member of the band loves the music and that is what has kept us together since 2006. We all come from diverse cultural backgrounds and believe music brings people closer together. You can hear a piece of music and it moves you in ways you have never imagined whether you understand the language or not. Expression of mind, body and soul through the making of music fused from various influences is the essence.

Over the years, Murfy’s flaw has become a part of SAMOSA Festival and has enjoyed performing during the Finale Concert being part of the SAMOSA expression. This year, we did the concert at the Alchemist Bar in Westlands for a beautiful crowd of like-minded people. The others on the line up were the lovely Ghetto Classics Youth Orchestra fused with Indian Classical instruments by Kirit and Prasad, poetic performance by Aleya Kassam, MCeed by Larry and organised by Sadia Ibrahim. The acts during the Finale concert brought the SAMOSA festival to a graceful, musical end.

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