Film: Nairobi Half- Life

Volume 15, Issue 2  | 
Published 18/11/2018

Director: David 'Tosh' Gitonga

Production Companies: One Fine Day Films and Ginger Ink Films

Nairobi Half Life does not boast an original premise. A young kid from rural Kenya with dreams of moving to the city (Nairobi) and becoming an actor.’.

What immediately differentiates it from other local films and a lot of international films is how it casts an unforgiving realistic eye on the protagonists’ life and actions. The movie does an excellent job of examining the underbelly of suffering and desperation in the country, from personal struggles of the youth to larger hurdles the nation is trying to leap; all the while narrating a story that will take you through a full range of genuine emotions before leaving you somewhat inspired and in some form of reflection.

Duncan Walls on IMDB reviewed the film thus:

In the Kenyan film and TV industry, no other film has had the ratings that NHF has had, even at the local box office. It shows and refutes claims that Kenyans do not buy what is local; goes on to show there's a great market for film, and the possibilities are endless. Give people something they can relate to; directly or otherwise, you shall keep smiling. It shows there's hunger for content among Kenyan consumers. The hash tag #NHF and #NairobiHalfLife trended for a while after the premiere. It serves and acts as the bar to reach in Kenyan film making. Judging by the reviews and feedback from film festivals, a masterpiece. Outstanding performances by Mws (Joseph Wairimu) and Oti (Maina Olwenya). Audience appeal top notch, execution thumbs up to Tosh Gitonga. A must watch.




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