Shailja Patel

Bestselling author of Migritude, and a founding member of Kenyans for Peace, Truth and Justice (KPTJ). The African Women's Development Fund named her one of Fifty African Feminists Who Inspire Us. Find her on twitter @shailjapatel


Women deemed "not real women" in many times and places: 

Black women.

Colonized African, Asian, Indigenous women.

Unmarried women.

Trans women.

Women who haven't given birth. 

Women who give birth in captivity. 

Women who give birth and have their children stolen.

Women who read and write. 

Women who do mathematics and science. 

Women who publish. 

Women who make art. 

Women who speak in public.

Women who love other women. 

Women who do sex work. 

Women who do manual labour. 

Women who practice medicine.

Women who walk the streets unaccompanied by men. 

Women who travel unaccompanied by men. 

Women who claim ownership of the land they till.

Women in interracial relationships. 

Women in intercaste relationships. 

Women who live alone, uncoupled.

Enslaved women. 

Dalit women. 

Incarcerated women.

Women who wear trousers. 

Women who ride bicycles. 

Women who drive cars. 

Women who fly planes.

Women who drum. 

Women who play bass guitar. 

Women who perform on stage.

Women behind the camera. 

Women who smoke. 

Women who drink.

Women athletes. 

Women construction workers. 

Women miners. Women mechanics. 

 Women fishers, trappers, and hunters.

Butch women. 

Tall women. 

Muscular women. 

Women weightlifters. 

Women in authority over men.

Women who run for political office. 

Women who win political office. 

Women who succeed in political office.

Fat women. 

Thin women. 

Women with disabilities. 

Old women.

Sexually active women. 

Asexual women. 

Women celibate by choice. 

 Women who say no.

Women freedom fighters. 

Women freedom thinkers. 

Women whistleblowers. 

Women who demand to be treated as people.

Who gets to unwoman women?
Who profits from the policing of women?
What is threatened by transgressive women and gender variance?

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