Voting Again – By Anne Namatsi Lutomia

Volume 14, Issue 1  | 
Published 03/07/2017

It is election time, time to vote again

time to select, elect, erect and protect

a debate here and an endorsement there

switching of parties, offices, bases, personalities maybe

go vote and be counted

give voice

be heard


Voting as one, many and blocks

young, old, able, disabled, poor, rich and queer

most as clansmen, clanswomen, classy and religious too

voting for colors and parties

voting for men and women but not many

voting for the leaderful and not so leaderful

like before or maybe not


Voting for

Hope to avoid despair

Promises unfulfilled to be fulfilled

Peace to avoid unrest

change and no change

possibilities and impossibilities


Voting with

machete cuts

long queues


winning yearns

dance and song

laughter, handshakes and hugs


Voting is

a democracy, our democracy

a new beginning


accepting differences

five years taken

five years given

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